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This is an another uncommon combination of hemimorphite in a red bed of carminite.


The hemimorphite from this location are well known for their delicate clear crystals that form beautiful sprays on the limonite matrix.


A very unique combination of hemimorphite, conichalcite, and smithsonite. Need a loop to see the smithsonite.


A. Lincoln Sherk MD. collection 1890s-1969


Calcite," which gets its name from ""chalix"" the Greek word for lime", is a most amazing and yet, most common mineral.


South African minerals are always a wonderful part of a great collection. This specimen has very minimal damage and would provide a nice addition to ...


This Kyanite is a nice dark blue in a white and black Schist matrix. There is a little contact damage but otherwise the crystals are beautifully ...


This is an amazing piece of boytroidal Malachite. There is some light contact damage on the edges, but the piece is in no way affected visually.