These are nice bags of beautiful amethyst quartz. It is some of the deepest purple amethyst.


These stones are called polished amethyst quartz windows because they are tumbled amethyst quartz that has had a window cut on one face that is ...


Thumbnail specimen of a perfect amethyst sceptor. It is excellent color and is undamaged.


Calcite seems to have come at this amethyst from the side as it .


This Vera Cruz Amethyst cluster is a sweet little specimen.


Amethyst is", perhaps, the best loved of all the quartz varieties. Its warm, purple glow is a favorite in home decorating, and it is widely used as a ...


This is one of the beautiful red irridescenct shining ammonites. One that can be included in any collection with pride.


Some of the ammonites from here in Morocco have a beautiful irridescent red shimmer to them.


Location: Poudrette Quarry, Mt. Saint Hilaire, Rouville Co., Quebec, Canada


This Andradite is an amazing thumbnail specimen. It is a very nice specimen from this local.""