Location: Mina La Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico


Wulfenite is a secondary mineral typically found as thin tabular crystals, however in this case it is presented as elongated crystals, some of which ...


This is a cute wavelite cluster that has very nice color and no damage except were it broke away from a larger cluster.


This is one of the brightest watermelon tourmalines I have. It is really nice to look at and comes with a stand.


This Vesuvianite cluster is full of life. There is damage to some of the tips, but there are also some crystals in entirely perfect condition! There ...


This Vesuvianite cluster is the bed for a nice sized Calcite crystal. There is some contact damage to the bottoms of the Vesuvianite and there is ...


Location: Sierra De Las Cruces, Coahuila, Mexico


Location: Mibladen Mine, Mibladen, Midelt, Khenifra Province, Meknes-Tafilalet Region, Morocco


This specimen is covered with small bright red crystals. It is an outstanding piece of Vanadanite. Even the base is covered.


This Quartz point is near perfect. The tip of the crystal is twinned, in addition to the parrallel crystal you see in the photo.