Cabinet Specimes


This stalactite is nothing but beauty. It is covered with double terminated Apophyllite crystals and small balls of Stilbite.


A SUPERB and AESTHETIC specimen of yellow Calcite rhombs on radial sprays of lustrous and transparent, bladed Colemanite from the famous Borax Pit in ...


Location: Curacao, The Netherlands Antilles


WOW! This is a very nice display piece with a nice variety of minerals present.


This is an amazing gem crystal of kunzite that shocked me when I first saw it, because it is as clear as glass - not silky like most kunzites, but ...


These new smokies from a gold mine in Bolivia are just world-class, are they not? These actually have wonderful dark smoky phantoms inside, and have ...


A superb specimen from the famous Sappo Mine in Brazil. There are numerous shiney Black Tourmaline Crystals mixed with many nice Schist/Mica crystals.


The actual Topaz crystal is 3x2x1.25 cm which is just huge for a Topaz crystal. The Bixbyite crystals are not large, but they are spread all over the ...